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Doing photography makes me feel good and whole, grateful and healthy. If there's something of the essence of love and laughter, grit and guts, beauty or truth or humour in a shot, then I am well pleased. Photography also connects me with places and people. Sharing my work, seeing it hanging on a wall in a friend or neighbour's home, makes me happy.

Henry David Thoreau said, "In the wilderness is the preservation of the world." Maybe he's right, maybe he's overly romantic, but his claim is worth discussing. Our relationship with nature is deep in our genes; why and how it makes us healthier, God knows (and an increasing number of scientists).
Research over the last 25 - 30 years suggests that spending time outdoors in green spaces where water meets rock and trees meet sky improves our mental health and sharpens the acuity of our brains. I can make no claims about being mentally sharp, but my experience suggests that being away from screens and buildings, cities and work, and spending time in the wilderness, is good for my soul.

EVENTS: I am probably happiest shooting landscapes in the wild or at the cottage, but I love shooting events, too. I have included a few event folders (Parties and Politics, Weddings) because I would like you to believe I can do that well, and I would like to shoot your event. I'll add a few other pages as time allows (sports being a favourite). Shooting hockey or soccer or ultimate frisbee in dimly lit arenas and domes is difficult, but I have had some success and would be happy to shoot your events. Let me know of your interest, and I'll get back to you quickly.

LANDSCAPES: The landscape shots are for sale. Most of them are shot in very high resolution and scale up well. I use Proof Gallery in the Distillery District of Toronto for printing my work, as I have found the quality is high and the service is excellent. John and Sheila are helpful, informative, and incredibly knowledgeable. All prints are made with EPSON High Dynamic Range pigment inks printed on pure cotton, Hot Press Natural fine art paper. Hand cut mats are custom sized to your image preferences on four ply, acid free Conservation paper. Archival Polyethylene corners affix the print to a 3/16" acid free foam core backer board. Matted prints are bagged in archival, clear plastic bags to allow you to handle the prints without soiling, or framed in Canadian made wood frames that you select.

For prices and sizes, email me at

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P.S. "This and That" is a page of all sorts of different shots. It's not the most coherent page of photography (in fact, there's no theme and little unity), but I enjoy these things and I share them with you.

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